Tenant’s Information

Q: Are there disabled toilets?

A: We have two disabled toilets, one on the ground floor and the other on the second floor.

  • The toilet on the ground floor is located at the back of the building:
    • On entry through the back of the building, please pass through two sets of double doors and turn left;
    • On entry through the front of the building, please carry on past the reception; follow the corridor round to the right; turn right through the double doors; and then turn left.
  • The toilet on the second floor is located next to the kitchen. If you use the lift, please turn right on leaving the lift; go through the double doors; turn left; and further down the corridor will be the toilets on the right-hand side, next to our tenants’ kitchen.

Q: Where are the fire exits?

A: There are three main routes for exiting the building in case of a fire:

  • an external fire escape located at the back of the building;
  • two internal staircases located at the front and middle of the building.

Q: Where can we park?

A: There are spaces within our car park for paying tenants.
Please enquire with our Office Manager or Assistant Office Manager to find out if there are any spaces available. If not, there is a pay and display car park behind Lombard House.

Q: Who does the cleaning within the office?

A: We provide cleaning within the communal areas but we do not clean within offices.

Q: When is the waste collected?

A: Our collection day is on Tuesdays. General waste is collected once a week and recycling every two weeks.

Q: Are there kitchen facilities for tenants?

A: Each floor has a kitchen which are located towards the back of the building.

Q: Who pays for the business rates?

A: Each suite has an individual rating assessment, with the occupier responsible for paying business rates. However, if this is your only office then the majority of our offices at Lombard House can apply for small business rates relief.

Q: Does the room have internet?

A: Rooms have telephone lines. However, we leave the connection for tenants to choose and pay their provider.

Q: What does “Internal Repairing and Insuring” mean and how does it affect my rent?

A: “Internal Repairing and Insuring” means that a tenant is responsible for the maintenance, repairs and insurance of the internal parts of their room. “Full repairing and insuring” means that the tenant is responsible for maintaining, repairs and insurance of the internal and external parts of their room and the building that they occupy.

At Lombard house, we offer rent with the service type “internal repairing and insuring”. Our rent includes:

  • maintenance and repair of external parts of the building and the communal parts, i.e. kitchens and toilets;
  • building insurance;
  • property owner’s liability insurance;
  • water and drainage charges;
  • electricity;
  • heating; and
  • cleaning of the common parts.