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Our Address

Lombard House
12/17 Upper Bridge Street


Arriving On Foot

We are a short walk south from the town centre.

St. George’s Subway allows the safe crossing of Upper Bridge Street:

Travelling By Train

The nearest train station is Canterbury East. From the train station, you will need to:

  1. walk down Rhodaus Town towards the police station
  2. cross the road / roundabout and you will be on Upper Bridge Street
  3. we are located after the fire station

Travelling By Bus

Lombard House is directly opposite the bus station behind the old city wall. From the bus station, you will need to:

  1. walk along St George’s Lane (pass Next and Fenwick) and towards the old city wall
  2. turn right at the end of the road on St George’s Street and head towards the underpass (please refer to arriving on Foot directions above)
  3. once you resurface, turn right along Upper Bridge Street and towards Dover Street
  4. We are located just after Bupa Dentist.

Travelling By Road

If you are travelling by car,
Lombard House is located on 12 – 17 Upper Bridge Street, Canterbury.
We are in between Canterbury Fire Station and the dentist, The Smile Centre.
Parking is available at the local public car park which is located directly behind Lombard House in Holman’s Meadow Car Park, which can be accessed via Old Dover Road (just after The Kent & Canterbury Club) or Dover Street.