Sustainability Strategy, Performance and Impact

Real-world impact through SMEs

Sustainability Strategy

Lansbridge Management Limited is a real estate business that owns one commercial property in the South East of England. Our mission is to support tenants who run small businesses that generate positive impacts in the local community.

We are at the beginning of its sustainability journey. In fact, there isn’t a strategy and we have not set any goals or targets. However we will develop and finalise our sustainability strategy in 2022. It will be a 8-year sustainability strategy to achieve top marks for social performance – predominantly through 100% of revenue generated from health, wellbeing and business-service SMEs – and an EPC rating of B (currently the building has an EPC rating of E).

Unfortunately our progress on reducing our environmental impacts will be slow. We will improve on water and waste metrics. However large improvements on energy efficiency and carbon transition are unachievable in the next 5 years due to time constraints and insufficient budget. However I am confident that we will achieve strong social improvements, especially through positive impacts to the health and wellbeing of communities; stakeholder engagement; labour conditions & remuneration; supply chain standards; and health & safety.

In the next 6 months, we will have published our sustainability strategy. We will also be writing regular blogposts on our progress towards achieving our sustainability targets. The hope is that our blogs will help other businesses on their sustainability journey by: building awareness of the available resources to developing and implementing sustainability strategies and initiatives; and providing practical insights on the large barriers that we encounter on our journey and how we overcame them.

Environmental Performance & Impact

We will focus on the following environmental issues over the next 8-years:

  • Waste management
  • Water management
  • Climate awareness amongst tenants
  • Energy efficiency
  • Operational carbon
  • ESG-integrated valuations and planning in acquisitions

Social Performance & Impact

We will focus on the following social issues over the next 8-years:

  • Health & wellbeing in the community
  • Financial and social inclusion in the community
  • Labour conditions & remunerations
  • Health & safety
  • Stakeholder engagement on sustainability
  • ESG-integrated valuations and planning in acquisitions